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Palouse Falls Canyon – Palouse Falls State Park, Washington

EXIF Data: f/20, 5.0 sec, 18mm

Considering Palouse Falls is within a moderately short drive from home I said “Let’s go” when a friend asked if I wanted to accompany him on an overnight stay at the Park. We arrived late after the evening light was gone and set up the tent, ready to get some sleep in order to be prepared for shooting early the next morning. Unfortunately for us our campsite neighbors were not as interested in sleep and partied past midnight. Getting up well before our neighbors we were nice enough to not start our morning with loud noises so they could sleep…

If you feel like you are about to fall off the edge of this photo into the canyon you are. The rim around the falls provides a great vista for photography but you have to be carefully to not expose yourself to danger. On this particular trip I decided to shoot a couple alternate scenes instead of the classic wide angle falls shot. I didn’t have a wide enough lens, and chose to not plan for stitching a group together. My buddy Dean relished in the fact that he was shooting with a full-frame Sony and a 16mm lens. Thanks for the invite Dean!


The Palouse River is a tributary of the Snake River located in the U.S. states of Washington and Idaho. It flows for 167 miles (269 km) southwestwards, primarily through the Palouse region of southeastern Washington. It is part of the Columbia River Basin, as the Snake River is a tributary of the Columbia River.

The river flows through northern Latah County near State Highway 6 as it nears the state line. In Washington, the river flows in Whitman County to Palouse and then to Colfax, where it meets with the south fork, from Pullman and south of Moscow. From Colfax the river meanders west and ends up in the lower Snake River southwest of Hooper, but not before dropping over Palouse Falls. The Palouse River enters the Snake River below the Little Goose Dam and above the Lower Monumental Dam. -Wikipedia

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