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Mount Shuksan Reflected in Picture Lake – Mount Baker Wilderness Area, Washington

EXIF Data: f/18, 1/5 sec, 18mm

Most often beautiful scenes like this only open themselves to avid hikers and those willing to go off the beaten path. This is an exception. You can practically take this shot while standing on State Route 542 which skirts around both sides of Picture lake. However being there at the right time is still a challenge.


Mount Shuksan is a glaciated massif in the North Cascades National Park. Shuksan rises in Whatcom County, Washington immediately to the east of Mount Baker, and 11.6 miles (18.7 km) south of the Canadian border. The mountain’s name Shuksan is derived from the Lummi word [šéqsən], said to mean “high peak”. The highest point on the mountain is a three sided peak known as Summit Pyramid. There are two named subsidiary peaks: Nooksack Tower and The Hourglass.

Sulphide Creek Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in North America, plunges off the southeastern flank of Mount Shuksan. There are four other tall waterfalls that spill off Mount Shuksan and neighboring Jagged Ridge and Seahpo Peak, mostly sourced from small snowfields and glaciers. -Wikipedia

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